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Instructions for Grantmakers

{{ Grantmakers: Delete this page after reading }}

This sample Application Form can be adapted to suit your own grant program’s needs. Non-Australian grantmakers in particular should note that some questions in this form may not be suitable for your circumstances.

Note that conditional logic has been applied to this form. If you remove sections/questions, this logic may be affected. Use 'Preview' mode to view where logic has been applied, or click on 'Section' or 'Page' headers to see conditions on the left-hand panel. Some questions also have validation applied (e.g. compulsory fields), but in most cases you will need to add this yourself.

This is a very comprehensive form - maybe too comprehensive if your program is giving out a small amount of money. You should delete, add, edit and adapt the questions (including hints, validation and conditional logic) to suit your own program's needs and the capacities of your applicant communities. Delete what you don't need – as a rule of thumb, don't ask a question if you don't know if or how you will use the answers.  

You should consider providing, alongside your guidelines, a checklist of information/documentation that applicants will need to have on hand in order to complete your form.

You will note that in some of the question hints we have also provided links to sample answers, which are housed in the Funding Centre (another enterprise operated by SmartyGrants' parent organisation, Our Community). These links can be deleted if you prefer not to use them on your form. 

We have highlighted {{ like this }} areas where you need to delete or add your own information before you make the form live. 

For more information on good practice form building and other aspects of the grantmaking process, visit the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM) website. (SmartyGrants users are entitled to free membership to the AIGM.)


Grantmaker checklist:

  1. Get familiar with this form, including the conditional logic
  2. Amend form as per the instructions above, paying particular attention to the needs of your own program and the capacities of your applicant community
  3. Apply/check logic and validation for each question
  4. Delete this page (and all other grantmaker instructions)
  5. Customise confirmation email in Form Settings
  6. Double-check that you have replaced all the instructional material in this form with your own information
  7. Test your form (run a test round - see Help Hub for details)
  8. Open your live round


We want your feedback!

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